Thursday, April 19, 2012

Fondant is my friend!!!

I am in CAKE HEAVEN!! Thanks to a friend of mine, I have decided to venture off and start baking and designing cakes.  A couple of weeks ago I took a fondant class at my local cake supply store, and I loved it. I was always scared of fondant because I was the kid in school that didn't like to play with Play-Doh (LOL!) But anyway, after taking the class and feeling extremely comfortable using fondant and decorating the cake with it, I knew it was time to expand my horizons!!  Below is the finished product :)

For this to have been my 1st cake I think I did pretty darn well!! 

Last night the cake bug struck again!! I was sitting at work looking at potential birthday cake designs (yes, I am making my own birthday cake!) and I came across this BEAUTIFUL zebra print cake with a splash of pink in it...and I was in love. I figure, why buy something that I can make. One thing about me, I am a Taurus and when we have our mind set on something we don't stop until its done...hence this cake. I youtubed (is that a word) "ZEBRA PRINT CAKES" and found a helpful video that shows how to cut zebra stripes from the black fondant. I played around with the layout of the stripes and found that there really isn't a right or wrong way to put them on, so I just had fun with it. And of course I had to add the pink bow on top (also made of fondant)!!

My finished "Zebra Stripes & Pink" cake

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