Sunday, July 29, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Jehden!

w/out Spiderman
All of the Superhero cupcakes
I love the Summertime..more parties and more CUPCAKES!! Another fondant request from my friend Teisge, but this time the theme was "superhero".  Let me first say that without the assistance of my husband, these would not have come out as great as they are.  His steady hand and the x-acto knife were a godsend!! Love you honey (LOL!) Well, its time for me to get ready to celebrate with Jehden & his family for his 5th birthday!

Peace, <3, & cupcakes

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Blog Update

Hello readers,

sums up my life!! 
So I've finally decided to create a Facebook page just for my cupcakes.  I know my family and friends were tired of the countless posts of cupcakes and being tagged in a limitless amount of photos.  There are a number of personal reasons I did not want to create a page, but I figured even Jesus had haters so why not?!  Your support is appreciated and means a lot to me!

So go on over and take a gander and like my page i.a.m. cupcakes and while you're at it follow me on twitter @IAM_CupCakes!!!

Hope you guys have a great weekend <3

Peace, <3, & Cupcakes

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Girls Night Out w/ Suite 106 Cupcakery

YES, you read the title of this blog correctly...I got to take a decorating class from the winners of Cupcake Wars (insert your jealousy here)!!!!

Rebecca & Christy of Suite 106 Cupcakery were nice enough to open their lab & design center for an awesome night of decorating.  The class included 4 themed cupcakes and 4 themed cookies.  The instructor was such a sweet young lady and very helpful with any and all questions we had.  And of course  Rebecca & Christy were there.  Let me add that they are the most down to earth ladies, you'd never know they ran the most successful cupcake business in the Inland Empire, let alone were Cupcake Wars champions.

I had been preparing for this day in my head for the past week. I tweeted, emailed, and facebooked my desire to attend this class.  Once I got the email saying there was a spot available I was beyond excited.  I had to wait for the phone call to give my information.  When that phone call came I know I scared Michael (Suite 106 employee) to death.  I screamed and told him how much of a fan I was and everything in between...I'm sure he thought I was more than looney tunes. But hey, how often can you say you took a class from the winner of Cupcake Wars??!!!

Getting ready to leave for "Girls Night Out"
The week leading up to the class seemed to drag like no other.  I had a million and eighteen questions in my mind, pictures to show and outfits picked out.  When Sunday finally arrived, I was more nervous than a sinner at altar call.  But with the help and kind words of my husband, I calmed down.

When I pulled up to the "lab" I was very happy to see the signature "Suite 106" decal on the door (pictured below).  I was greeted by Christy and was told to sign in and grab a seat in the lab.  Boy was I happy to be there.  I looked around as if someone let me into heaven.
They provided us with the tools for the decorating class which included: 4 cookies (dress, shoe, martini glass, and lips) 4 cupcakes (2 vanilla, 1 red velvet, and 1 chocolate), colored fondant, gumpaste, a rolling pin, an x-acto knife, paint brush, and a food writing pen.
Decorating tools

 We began our lesson with creating a purse from gumpaste, not as easy as it sounds either.  I wasn't the kid in preschool playing with play-doh making shapes and worms so I was a little out of my comfort zone.  Now working with fondant is easy because I can create letters and 3D images, but never anything like a purse. 

Our instructor made everything so simple and easy.  She explained things in non-baker terms which made things so much more comfortable.  Next we created the lipstick (bottom).  This was so much more easier than the purse. I finished that one with no issues. Then it was time to do the rose (top) words for how that came out (LOL!)

 Now it was time to start the cookies!! To the left are the naked cookies and the right are my decorated cookies.  My personal fave is a tie between the martini glass and the shoe.

My instructors cookies (show-off, lol!)
Proudly displaying my cupcake
Rebecca, Christy and I goofing off!

Needless to say, I had so much fun!! Learned a lot, asked a lot of questions and laughed even more.  I am looking forward to taking more classes with Suite 106 Cupcakery and getting to know more about designing cupcake toppers and other fun things.

Suite 106 Cupcakery owners Rebecca & Christy and I