Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jayce's 1st Birthday party

So my Cookie Monster cupcakes were a hit on Facebook.  YAAAYY ME!

My friend Tesige sent me a message that she loved the way the cupcakes looked and wanted to order some for her son's 1st birthday party.  Only difference being that she requested Elmo also.  So I did some research and found a couple of credible sources online and combined their techniques to creating my version of Elmo.  IT WAS SOOO EASY TOO!! And sooo much fun to do.  After baking the cupcakes I let them cool and prepared my buttercream...FROM SCRATCH!
The supplies used to create Elmo:
*my buttercream frosting  (one small portion colored orange for his nose)
*red sugar crystals (I make my own since its fairly easy)
*Wilton Candy Melts - Dark Cocoa (for Elmo's mouth)
*Marshmallow Fondant (for his eyes)
*Chocolate chips (for his pupils)
*(2) Ziploc Freezer bags
*Wax Paper
*Cookie Sheet

To create Elmo's red color:
1. Cover the cupcakes with white buttercream using a pastry bag and coupler with NO TIP attached.
2. Smooth the buttercream over the cupcakes with a curved spatula.
3. Pour the red sugar crystals into a shallow bowl so you can cover the cupcakes evenly.
4. Take each cupcake and dip into the red sugar, making sure you cover the buttercream completely.
** if the buttercream gets hard in the process just take the spatula and go around the cupcake**

To create Elmo's mouth:
1. Heat up a handful of the Wilton Candy Melts in a measuring cup until melted.
2. Take one of the freezer bags and invert the bag over your open hand and press to make a cup in side your fingers.
3. Fill the cup inside your fingers with the melted chocolate and then lift the edges of the bag up and around the chocolate.
4. Press out the excess air and seal the bag.
5.  Use scissors to snip a corner.
6. With the wax paper placed on the cookie sheet, draw out a small crescent moon shape (as seen in the photo).
7. Place the cookie sheet in the fridge to harden.
8. Once the chocolate has set, carefully place the mouths on Elmo; smooth side down.

To create their eyes:
1. Using marshmallow fondant, take small piece and roll into a ball.
2. Take a chocolate chip (pointy side down) and stick into the fondant ball.

Preparation is tedious but so much fun and in the end the cupcakes come out soo nice!!!

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