Monday, June 6, 2011

The beginning... think you can bake??? That's what my aunt asked me when I told her I was interested in beginning my cupcake business.  My answer of course was YES! I thought buying a couple of cupcake pans and some cupcake baking cups would suffice, OH BROTHER WAS I WRONG!!

So I sat and thought about it...what do I need to do to make my cupcakes:
1. stand out
2. taste good
3. look good

I enrolled in a cake decorating class through Wilton at my local craft store to discover the basics of decorating my cupcakes.  I learned how to make frostings from scratch, hold a piping bag, the difference between royal icing and buttercream, how to color frostings, and other fun things.  Once I passed that class I knew this was really the thing for me to do. PRACTICE, PRACTICE PRACTICE is what I did to perfect my craft.  Since my husband works at a railroad, I figured I could try out my recipes and new found skills on his co-workers...and boy did they love them! Over the Halloween/Thanksgiving/Christmas holidays I had so many orders I didn't know what to do.  AND I LOVED THAT FEELING!

And so IAM Cupcakes began...

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