Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Long time no write...


Amaya, Alyssa & Addyson
Easter 2013
 Oh how I've missed my blog!! Can't believe I haven't written anything since August (insert shocked face here).  Since then I have had a lot of beautiful changes happen in my life.  My husband and I welcomed our third daughter, Addyson, into the world (pictured here with her sisters).

Although my due date was March 28th, she decided to make her entrance into the world on February 6th.  Being 7 weeks early, she spent 3 of those weeks in the NICU.  Miraculously, she overcame so many obstacles and was able to come home earlier than expected.  She's been a joy and a wonderful addition to our crazy yet loving family.

Research materials
While I was pregnant with Addyson, I decided to take some time off of baking to focus on revamping my business. I felt like I was just baking to fill orders and not caring about my product.  I started researching some of the more "famous" cupcakeries (Sprinkles, Georgetown Cupcakes, The Cake Mamas...) to see the kind of cupcakes they were putting out.  I noticed that their cupcakes were decorated to the nines and very eye-catching.  After months of stalking their websites and instagram pages, I knew I had to step up my presentation game.

Pricing structure
But sadly, in order to do this I had to slightly raise my pricing. I feel guilty doing it but in order to make a profit it has to be done.  My pricing is now based on my materials and time rather than convenience and need for orders.  I was pricing my orders just to keep the client happy, not worrying about a profit and I was losing.  Now having 3 mouths to feed, a profit is so much more important (lol!).  So please understand that when I give you a price, you have to factor in my materials and labor and know that I WILL NOT deliver a bad looking or tasting product.

Prom season is approaching so don't wait the last minute to place your orders for the extravagantly affordable treats that i.a.m cupcakes creates!

Next project for i.a.m. cupcakes : Cupcakes for my cousin Daiza's prom!! So excited! 

Peace, love & cupcakes,

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