Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy 3rd Cupcake Day Amaya!!

Today was my youngest daughter's 3rd birthday!! Time flies when you have moment you are changing their diapers, then the next you are helping with homework and science projects. Well anyway, my princess LOVES butterflies, so I thought why not make two things she loves the most to celebrate her special day.  I got the idea from a you tube video I saw while surfing the 'net (lol!). Here is the link just in case you would like to see

For this to be my first time seeing the video and working from the screen shots I think I did VERY WELL!! Hope you enjoy the pictures of my butterfly princess and her butterfly cupcake cake.

Had to configure the butterfly
Added the antennae and writing

Finished product!!!

She looks so excited!!! 
"Can I please have one already Mommy??"

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